The album is here! And it's in the running for a Grammy. Please pass along to any friends or colleagues who are voting members.


Hey, Ya'll

I'm Here! (Alone) 

Well, well. I am practicing good physical distancing. My son, the two cats, and I are are still getting along pretty well, since as of now, there is plenty of food. We have no income, but there is a full cupboard, a tank of gas, and roof over our heads, so I'd say we are pretty good to go.

Today, I finally got the shipment of CDs for the album 1974. It's taken many years to get this released and of course, the graphics were upside down in the middle. I have a good sense of humor, thankfully. As soon as they are fixed, I will post a link to order and get out the premiums for those who contributed.

The new album, Perigon, is in final mix phase and will be headed off to the mastering lab soon! 

I am planning a live stream concert on Facebook for March 29th. Details to follow.

A special thanks to my buddy, Deidre McCalla for creating this mew website.

More news soon!



It's Finally Out - In Every Sense of the Word! 

The project I am most excited about right now is the premier of the documentary I've been involved with for the last two years Invisible. Produced and directed by TJ Parsell...