Dianne Davidson

   There are a lot of good singers around today... and a lot of talented musicians. And there are performers who draw large crowds wherever they play. But there are few “artists”, those who leave a lasting impression because what they express is unique.
   Dianne Davidson is such an artist. A singer, songwriter, musician, producer and performer, her style and range escape categorization, but her passion, depth and robust vocals never escape her audiences. Blues, rock, folk, even reggae -- she performs them all with brilliance and impels her listeners to participate by taking an emotional and musical journey that few are likely to forget.
   Born in West Tennessee, Dianne was a gifted and precocious child. Singing and writing songs before she formed her first band at age 11, she had, at 17, “an album instead of a diploma.” Her musical education was undertaken in such diverse settings as rowdy West Tennessee bars, California nightclubs, Greenwich Village listening rooms and major concert halls.
   Her musical history includes five albums, three singles and a list of performing credits that vary from Linda Ronstadt to B.B. King, Jimmy Buffett to Tammy Wynette, Barry Manilow to Leon Russell. And, she has received rave reviews from virtually every major music publication in the country.
   Dianne is a performer whose stage presence is genuine, intense, passionate and honest. Her wit and style invite her audiences to sit back and enjoy her artistry.
   There’s nothing more satisfying to her than establishing a special rapport with the audience.
   Audiences may come to a performance expecting to hear good music. They will be pleasantly surprised by Dianne’s commitment to sincere lyrics, well-crafted music and moving performances. She never disappoints in providing all three because her music is truly from the soul.

    Dianne has taken a hiatus from the rigors of touring to spend time with her son. Now every show is a special appearance!

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